North Shore Residence

Project Overview

A private homeowner selected our sprojectpic-rashkow-180x250enior project manager, Bob Criz to substantially renovate a contemporary home on Chicago’s North Shore. The home was a single story ranch home by a noted Chicago architect and the plan was to put on a second story, entrance clerestory and various room additions and expansions.

In the process, the home was transformed into a fully updated beautiful residence that reflects its modern architectural heritage while still offering the latest in architectural glass. Glass railing systems, interior and exterior glass transform the home to allow its owner to fully enjoy a sculpture garden and enjoy a updated and refreshed architecturally significant work of art.

Call us and we’ll be glad to show you how we can transform a modern period home into a current work of art you or your client will enjoy for decades to come.

Goals & Challenges

The private residence posed a series of challenges for Bob Criz and his Arcadia Residential team generally revolving around appropriately updating an architecturally significant home to the needs of a current owner.

We worked with the architect, contractor and the interior designer, Daniel DuBay of Daniel DuBay and Associates to appropriately save and reuse some windows and glass while ordering large portions of exterior glass and interior glass that dramatically increased the size and visibility of the home.

Bob worked with his suppliers to recreate the anodized aluminum finishes used on the original construction to tie the residence together.     
The residence also allowed us to show the leaps in technology that our industry has offered.  Vast stretches of glass are now possible allowing our clients to take in a beautiful sculpture garden comfortably on the coldest winter day.

Our Results

When I walked the home with Bob and the client, I realized they had successfully created a new home on the vision of a past master architect.  The home is a work of art in its own right and is a beautiful showplace for the client’s amazing collection of sculptures and art.

If you have a project that requires the attention to detail of a true artist, contact us today!

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