Chicago Glass Shower Doors

Bathrooms with boring functional amenities used to be the norm. Now, beautiful bathrooms with exquisite showers with glass shower doors add to the home’s décor have taken over. No matter the size of your bathroom, an updated shower and vanity mirror will improve the value of your home. The professionals at GlassWorks can help you design and build your new elegant bathroom.

Choosing Your Glass Shower Design

Glass shower doors and enclosures come in many different styles. Is your current shower outdated? Does it feel old and dirty even when it’s clean? Or do you just love the simplicity of a beautiful and inviting glass shower door? Choose from one of these great styles:

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Neo-Angle Glass Shower Doors

Glass Steam Shower Enclosures

Glass Panels & Shower Shields

Framed Glass Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Glass Toilet Enclosures

Shower Guard

New Innovations

Once you have chosen a style, contact an expert at GlassWorks to begin developing your bathroom designs. Shower doors and enclosures are a lot more than a functional aspect of your bathroom. They are an elegant addition to your home’s décor. Our solutions will help you merge elegance and function.

Shower Curtains vs Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains are a relatively inexpensive option for showers, but is it the best choice? Both choices require cleaning and maintenance to last. If the shower curtains start growing mold or mildew, you throw them away. With shower doors, a cleaning solution and some elbow grease will keep your shower clean and looking new.

Shower doors and curtains have many different styles to add style to your bathroom. Shower curtains have a lot more design options but can contain chemicals that may leach into the water or air. Glass showers are made with tempered glass that are strong and durable. They will last much longer than a shower curtain.