Are you looking for a replacement for your broken glass tabletop? Or are you looking to modernize the decor in your home by purchasing a glass table? Either way, GlassWorks has the designers, fabricators, and experience to get you started. We can custom cut for any size or shape to fit any type of furniture.

Why Glass Tabletops?

Glass tabletops are not only beautiful, they are functional. Glass tabletops can protect your furniture from scratches and other damage. Have an antique coffee table that you want to protect from water spots? Let us design you a beautiful new glass tabletop to protect it without covering up its beauty.

Glass Tables

Our inventory of glass tables is vast. We offer many different types of glass tables. These include all glass tables and table bases as well as specialty glass tables. We can custom-make any size and shape for your needs.

All glass tables and table bases can be great additions to any room. From a modern dining room table to small couch side tables, an all glass table will elevate any room’s decor. With our experience, we can help you customize the ideal all glass table for you.

All Glass Tables & Bases

Heavy Glass Tabletops

Protective Glass Tabletops

Specialty Glass Tables