Mirror Installation Chicago

Illinois GlassWorks is known as the leading mirror installation company through Chicagoland. Listed below are some of our most popular mirror products and services. To get started, please fill out a Quote Request or call us at (847) 729-5580

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Antique Mirrors

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Mirrored Walls

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Exercise Room Mirrors

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Bar Mirrors

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Mirrored Doors

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Fireplace Mirrors

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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

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Recessed Medicine Cabinets

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Bypass Closet Doors

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One-Way Mirrors

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Custom Mirror Art

Why Choose Glassworks for Mirror Installation in Chicago?

Mirror installation can bring positive effects to most types of living space. Mirrors have a clean, bright look, fascinate the eye, and can be used for many purposes in a wide variety of public and private spaces.

Along with shelves and coat hooks, mirrors are one of the few wall décor items that serve both decorative and functional purposes. A large mirrored surface creates an illusion of more space in any room and amplifies light by reflection. Smaller mirrors placed in rooms where grooming and dressing take place were once called looking glasses. Mirrors of this type are now considered essential home accessories.

The utility and value of mirrors as components of interior décor are well-established. If you are planning a mirror-based design addition to your home, need to update an existing mirror feature, or simply have a wall mirror to install, contact GlassWorks, Chicago’s leading mirror installation company.

How are mirrors used as décor and practical architectural features?
Mirrors play many roles in living space enhancement. Like looking glasses in the past, mirrors are installed as grooming aids in bathrooms, on closet doors, and in dressing spaces.

A bathroom vanity mirror and glass shower enclosure can work together to create an extraordinary look for the room. The right design maximizes style and functionality, unifying the look of the bathroom while bringing in brightness and an open, airy feeling. The recessed, mirrored-door medicine cabinet installed over or near the vanity sink is a nearly universal bathroom feature in American homes.

The classic mirrored wall creates a dramatic effect of expanded space in any size of room. When used in exercise rooms, gyms, and dance studios, mirrored walls support the maintenance of proper form, allow trainers to be seen when they are not in direct view, and induce an atmosphere of motivation.

Mirrors are used to provide captivating reflected views of wall and room angles, art works and other items of interior décor, and even features or scenery outside windows and doors. Like over mantle installations of the Victorian era, mirrors are still placed to fill the large wall spaces above fireplaces, where they add depth to the room and serve as a décor focal point.

Various styles of framed, free-standing, and leaning mirrors are perennially popular items to scatter throughout living spaces as decorative features. Innovative new mirror fabrication processes like artistic silvering, beveling, and hole-cutting allow for the creation of unique mirror art pieces.

The potential uses for mirrors in home and business spaces are limited only by the imagination. Here are a few examples of the typical mirror projects in high demand by GlassWorks clients:

GlassWorks Mirror Installation

Adding a large, dramatic mirror feature or even simply installing one or two individual mirrors are both great ways to upgrade the look and feel of a home or business space. Mirrors offer one of the quickest, most economical, and least invasive routes to creating transformative decorative effects.

However, it is important to realize that mounting a mirror is not as simple as hanging a picture. Large mirrors are heavy and somewhat fragile. Manpower along with specialized tools and techniques are required to complete a mirror project without damage or mishap.

Certain installation procedures and precautionary measures must be adhered to when installing a mirror. The silver film applied to the reverse side of a mirror glass to provide the reflective qualities is only a few molecules thick and is vulnerable to various types of damage.

Whether mirror work is being carried out as part of remodeling or new construction, conditions at the installation site must be considered and accounted for. Temperature, humidity, and ventilation are all factors that will affect the methods and materials used in mirror installation.

You may be considering a relatively simple hanging or vanity mirror project, a large door or wall mirror installation, or a complex architectural or artistic design. No matter what level of scope and difficulty a prospective mirror installation entails, the professionals at GlassWorks have the experience and technology needed to achieve a perfect outcome and ensure long-lasting beauty.

Depend on GlassWorks for Expert Mirror Installation

GlassWorks is the natural choice for amazing design, top-quality execution, and high-performance function when it comes to architectural and decorative mirror installation.

The nationally recognized experts at GlassWorks have been serving customers in the Chicago area since 1977. As Chicago’s fastest-growing glass company, GlassWorks’ reputation for providing exceptional customer service makes us a perennial Angie’s List award winner.

Explore our mirror installation services and find the one that fits your project. Then contact the GlassWorks Customer Service specialists for more information, a free quote, or a no-obligation appointment to plan a successful mirror installation.