Interior Design: Art Gallery Partitions

Project Overview

We were asked to create a glass wall for a private gallery in Chicago. The challenge was to create a glass partitions to add contrast to the wood elements throughout the gallery.

Our senior project manager worked with the client and architect to select sandblasted ½” glass as a design element along the perimeter of the gallery.

Our workmanship, fit and finish needed to be at the highest possible level. Additionally, these are massive pieces of glass measuring, over five feet wide and twelve feet tall requiring extreme care in fabrication, transport and installation.

Our Results

The entire project came together beautifully.

Coupled with the other elements including the wood floors, wood window benches and accent lighting, our glass along the exterior wall is a striking element of the design. The soft cool green of the glass contrasts the warm wood interior colors. We love this contrast along with the light play that along the walls of this beautiful gallery.

Heavy glass requires skill in design, fabrication and installation. Our project managers and installers know that every detail must be carefully planned to create the architectural quality our clients expect and demand.
If you have a project, small or large, with a demanding schedule and the need for outstanding architectural glass, contact us today!


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