Chicago Exercise Room Mirrors

Chicago Exercise Room Mirror InstallationWhether you are looking for Exercise Room Mirrors for your home gym or professional gym or dance studio, GlassWorks will design, fabricate and install mirrors that fit your project perfectly.

GlassWorks is often selected by other glass companies to do their mirror work.  The reason is simple, because we are the best!

To ensure a perfect fit, GlassWorks’ staff will come out to your home or business to measure and plan the mirrors before they are put into production.  Because we stock and fabricate our mirrors at our factory, we can produce your mirrors quickly, with the accuracy to give you a true reflection from every visible angle.

For safety, all of GlassWorks’ mirrors have a safety backing.  Modification, removal, or handling any broken mirror should only be done by experienced glass professionals.

Please consult GlassWorks on how to properly clean and maintain your GlassWorks mirror products.

Our trustworthy, expert installers will treat your home or business as if it were their own and ensure that your mirrors are installed correctly to last for years.

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