Chicago Antique Mirrors

GlassWorks is renown for being the place for Antique Mirrors.

Antiquing of Mirrors is an artistic silvering process and we are fortunate to be on a first name basis with some of the most innovative and respected artists in the field.  Each Antiqued Mirror is unique and a work of art in its own right.

We start by working with you to provide samples to allow you to select the Antique Mirrors that best address your need.  Our stock of Antique Mirrors changes over time.

Current inventory includes:

Chicago Antique Mirror

GlassWorks’ Saturnus Antique Mirrors

Saturnus – Waves of color and depth radiate from Saturnus Antique Mirrors.  Add warmth to any design element.
Chicago Antique Mirrored Glass

GlassWorks’ Nigrum Album Antique Mirrors

Nigrum Album – “Black and White” never looked so beautiful.  Chose Nigrum Album Antique Mirrors for a coolness that adds stature to any space.

Chicago Antiqued Mirror Glass

GlassWorks’ Cinero Antique Mirrors

Cinereo  – Spring rain clouds come to mind adding an element of water to these beautiful new additions to the GlassWorks line.

We work with local craftsmen to world recognized suppliers to provide our Antique Mirrors.  Due to the artistic element, our stock of Antique Mirrors changes continually, so we encourage our clients to contact us early in their design planning to secure their product.

We will gladly work with any client to reasonably hold their product as other elements of their project come to fruition.

During that time, we can refine a design and layout to achieve the look a client seeks.  Key design capabilities we offer include:

  • Full shop drawing capabilities.
  • Mirror fabrication from as small as 4” square to the full procurement size of the mirror.
  • Any shape or pattern.
  • Full bevel and hole cutting capabilities.
  • Harlequin, windowpane and other full wall designs.
  • Application to furniture, frames, and art.

Call GlassWorks today, the recognized expert in Antique Mirrors.

Nigrum Album Antique Mirrors | Blanco y Negro Antique Mirrors | Saturno Antique Mirrors | Cinéreo Antique Mirrors