Tips for Getting Your Home’s Windows Ready for the Summer

When thinking about it, when do you think was the last time you washed, repaired and cleaned up your windows? Even new glass windows need to be washed, repaired and cleaned annually to let in proper light and keep your home clean and bright. Ideally, you should be washing, repairing and cleaning your windows twice a year or even more, but you need to ensure you do it the right way. If you are reaching for sheets of newspaper and towels, stop! All of that elbow grease is not only unnecessary, but it can also push dirt around and create a static charge that makes your windows more susceptible to dirt build-up and grime.

How to Wash Your Windows

Whether you are washing new windows or windows that have been installed several years ago, here is the proper way to keep them sparkling clean:

  • Use a Strip Applicator to Wash – This long-clothed head-strip applicator will soak up soapy water and apply it to the glass without scratching or etching at the surface.
  • Only a Small Amount of Soap is Necessary – There is absolutely no need for slathering on the soap. Rather, a bucket of warm water and a small squirt of dishwater detergent is all that is needed.
  • Use a Squeegee – Once the soapy water has been fully applied, use a squeegee in a Reverse-S pattern to remove the soap. At the end of each and every stroke, wipe the blade clean with a lint-free rag and then repeat the process until complete. For multi-pan windows, you may a need a smaller-sized squeegee to fit into the sections.
  • Dry the Drips – Remove any water that is remaining on the edges by a damp, wrung-dry chamois. This will end up soaking the moisture without leaving streaks or dust. Do not forget to dry up the windowsill too.
  • Use a Natural Sponge – For multi-pane windows that cannot use a large strip applicator, use a natural sponge to apply the soap into each single pane.

In Need of Replacement Windows?

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