How to Select Perfect Glass Shower Doors

You would think the prettiest bathrooms look even prettier with frameless glass shower doors. They make the space appear brighter and bigger and they let more light in when you are showering. When you go to select a shower door, there are not only a ton of options you did not even know you had to select from, but also options that you should have thought about BEFORE you even built your bathroom!

Before You Start

Before you even begin a bathroom or shower remodel, always talk about the shower door. If you want a glass shower door, you need to add extra support to the walls to accommodate the weight of the glass. If you are doing a steam shower, you should also think about adding in extra support to the ceiling. Even if you have not quite yet decided which way the door will swing and before you commit to a steam shower, you need to have a conversation with us at GlassWorks. We have extra support added regardless, so that our clients do not run into trouble alter when they do change their mind due to budget constraints!


Your glass shower configuration of course will be determined by where your walls and where the shower head is. IF you have three walls, your option is rather clear. You have a Single Door with or without a glass panel, depending on the width of the opening. The side of the panel is determined by the swing of the door.

On the other hand, if you have a shower with two walls, then one wall should be a glass panel and the other will have the door. You need to ensure that you can open the door and turn on the shower without getting sprayed in your face! If you only have one wall, then the glass is on three sides.

Unfortunately, if you do not add the additional support in the walls before they are tiled, you will not be able to do many of the glass door options, so do not forget!

Glass Style

There are indeed several glass styles out there – colors or patterned. If you select one of these, then you may not have a choice of glass thickness.


The one thing you want to know is that you do not want to see hinges. You want to see glass, so then you can really see the tile.

Kids’ Bathrooms

We like our clients to have a clean and open bathroom door for the kids’ baths too; however, this is often where you draw the line on the budget. We would rather our clients put more money in the master bath than the kids’ bath, so we tend to put a sliding glass door with a metal header. Of course this is not a frameless look, but it is a good runner up. We do not use flimsy shower doors from Home Depot but rather upgrade to a thicker glass. For us, it is all about the glass thickness.

We hope this helps you on your next bathroom project! Contact GlassWorks today by dialing 847-729-5582 or by emailing [email protected] to see what we can do for you about your glass shower doors.

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