Chicago Backpainted Backsplashes

Chicago Backpainted Glass Kitchen BacksplashBackpainted Glass provides a sleek, polished look that is ideal for Kitchen Backsplashes because it is so easy to keep clean.  Additionally, because glass is a non-porous surface, it will remain free of bacteria and mold.  Increasingly, many of our customers are choosing to go with a seamless Backpainted Glass Kitchen Backsplash, which lasts a lifetime, rather than fussing with messy grout lines that can become stained over the years.  Backpainted Glass offers a beautiful addition to your kitchen.  Glass is naturally reflective, so it will add a sense of expansiveness to your kitchen and the depth of color in Backpainted Glass is truly phenomenal.  GlassWorks offers Backpainted Glass in Benjamin Moore colors, but if you cannot find the perfect color there, we can custom make glass in any color you choose.

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