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GlassWorks is widely recognized as the leading glass company serving customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are known as one of the foremost producers of glass fabrication in the nation. Further, we are celebrated for our beautiful antique mirrors. Mirror antiquing using the silvering process provides every one of our antique mirrors with a unique and distinct appearance all of its own. Considered to be the fastest growing glass company in the Midwest, GlassWorks is the glass fabrication business where regional customers go to shop for all of their customized antique wall mirrors or decorative mirrors. Regardless of the style of antique mirror glass you want, GlassWorks has the talent and expertise to transform your dream antique mirror into a reality! We have been delivering award-winning services since 1977 to our loyal antique mirror customers. Amazingly, we are able to serve right around 4,000 clients annually! These are just a few of the reasons why Evanston residents consistently select GlassWorks over our rivals for all of their decorative mirror needs!

Evanston Antique Wall Mirror

Evanston, Illinois has approximately 75,430 residents and is in Cook County. Glenview, the home to GlassWorks, is conveniently located about six and a half miles northwest of Evanston. Whenever Evanston residents are in the market for the best antique wall mirrors or decorative mirrors, head to GlassWorks. We are widely acclaimed for having the most unique antique wall mirrors which are certain to bring a level of elegance to your Evanston home. Best of all, GlassWorks will customize an antique mirror to our Evanston customers’ precise specifications. Further, Evanston customers realize that besides the fact that our decorative mirrors add more space to a room, they are also able to illuminate the room by reflecting light.

Evanston Antique Mirror Glass

Not only does GlassWorks deliver the most competitively priced mirrored glass products in the region, but we also deliver the most affordable prices. This is the reason we have so many requests for our glass fabrication services. Whether it is an antique mirror or decorative mirrors our clients want, we will be able to help them with it quickly and efficiently! Customers understand they can depend upon GlassWorks experts to treat their homes with the same respect as they treat their own homes. We will also ensure that your decorative mirrors are installed properly. For all the mirrored glass products you want at the prices you can afford, call GlassWorks at: (847) 729-5580 and ask us about our FREE ESTIMATE!

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