Winnetka Shower Doors

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Next time you’re in need of a replacement shower door, think no further thanGlassWorks. For over 30 years, GlassWorks has been Chicagoland’s glass leader. To prove it, we have 3 locations throughout the Chicagoland area. We design and install everything from custom storefronts and exquisite office space glass to affordable and appealing shower doors and mirrors. We have over 30 glass technicians who are fully dedicated to achieving your overall satisfaction. Our expert staff will work with you to ensure you understand all your glass needs and options. At GlassWorks, we strive for quality. Our employees understand that the glass industry is ever-changing, so we continuously strive to achieve innovative glass designs and new concepts for our customers. No one is more experienced or knowledgeable than our professional glass technicians. At GlassWorks, we specialize in shower doors. We have a wide variety of manufactured and custom shower doors, ranging from: Frameless Shower Doors, Steam Shower Doors, Framed Shower Doors, and Sliding Shower Doors, to one-of-a-kind Custom Shower Doors. We have a shower door for any home imaginable and best of all; our shower doors are professionally-built and affordable. Given the close proximity to our Glenview location, many Winnetka homeowners have been coming to GlassWorks for their replacement shower door needs.

Winnetka Glass Shower Doors

Winnetka, Illinois is a village located in Cook County, approximately 14 miles north of Downtown Chicago. Winnetka has a population of 18,612 residents with 6,591 separate households. It is known throughout Chicagoland for its affluence and high standard-of- living. In 2007, CNN Money ranked Winnetka as having the 4th highest median household income in the country. Currently, Winnetka has a median household income of $167,458 and a median family income of $200,000+. With Winnetka median home values above 1.3 million dollars, many homeowners have been renovating their homes to increase its value during these trying economic times. At GlassWorks, we have seen a recent surge in the number of Winnetka customers in search of a replacement shower door. In fact, many Winnetka homeowners have been inquiring about our one-of-a-kind custom shower doors. We will design a shower door that fits with your bathroom’s style and more importantly, with your wallet. At GlassWorks, we are fully dedicated to your new shower door installation and your satisfaction.

Winnetka Shower Door Installation

GlassWorks, we understand that when selecting a shower door, your budget is usually the deciding factor. We offer all our professionally-built shower doors at the most affordable prices. Our shower doors are made of the most high-quality glass and are the best investment you can make in your home right now. Why go with a GlassWorks glass shower door? That’s easy. It’s because of our rapid turnaround, local custom-glass fabrication facility, and our experienced and bonded installation. When you purchase a shower door from GlassWorks, you’re not only getting a new door, but also the best shower door installation in the Chicagoland area. Give us a call today to find out more about our manufactured and custom-built shower doors.