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GlassWorks is very recognized for providing fashionable painted glass backsplashes and even glass backsplashes for the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area clients since 1977. We are highly regarded not only as being a top specialist in glass products, but we are known as the fastest rising glass company within the Midwest area! GlassWorks’ kitchen glass backsplashes offer a smooth, refined look that is great for your distinctive kitchen! In addition to currently being very easy to sustain and keep thoroughly clean, a glass backsplash is a non-porous surface area, and it’ll keep completely free of mold and harmful bacteria. Not like the regular backsplashes which may have grout traces that could become tarnished over many years, our glass back splash will continue to last a life-time and will continue looking just as wonderful as it did when it was originally installed. Lately, many clients in Northbrook have already been making the change from their obsolete backsplashes to GlassWorks’ state-of-the-art kitchen glass backsplash.

Northbrook Glass Backsplashes

Northbrook, Illinois has over 33,200 citizens and is located in Cook County.  Home of GlassWorks is located within Glenview and is situated a just over 5.8 miles southeast of Northbrook.  Our Northbrook clients visualize GlassWorks as a brand they can have confidence in.  Together with our devoted Northbrook clients, we are acknowledged for having well over 4,000 delighted customers annually!  For roughly 40-years, we have been the one-stop-shop for Northbrook citizens when they are hunting around for glass backsplashes and even painted glass backsplashes.  Northbrook’s household members desire GlassWorks over its rivals.  We have a fully committed group of professionals from sales persons to project managers, fabricators and technicians who are competent at providing Northbrook’s clients the glass backsplashes they really desire to have at a price they can afford.  We not only endeavor to meet our Northbrook clients’ substantial goals, but we endeavor to do everything we can do to go over them.  It is not strange that plenty of cases of our incredible kitchen backsplash work is found in some of Northbrook’s loveliest homes.

Northbrook Painted Glass Backsplashes

GlassWorks is viewed as an award winner in the customer satisfaction category.  We are also acknowledged as a leader in impressive, breathtaking, premium quality residential glass products.  Also, GlassWorks supplies a one-year warranty on each one of its glass products and installations, combined with any separate manufacturers’ warranties.  Because of each one of these extraordinary honors, why would you actually contemplate going any place else for your painted glass backsplashes or even glass backsplashes?  Regardless of your ideas, the inclusion of a glass backsplash or painted glass backsplash, it is often probable to give you many years of enjoyment.  Actually, GlassWorks can take care of all your glass back splash plans both expeditiously and inexpensively!  For more information about glass backsplashes, just phone GlassWorks at (847) 729-5580 (North), (312) 337-2300 (Chicago), (630) 355-6363 (West/South) or even (866) 452-7925 (Nationwide).  We are looking forward to having the ability to assist you.

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