Custom Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a much stronger version of regular glass that has many uses. Regular glass or annealed glass, shatters into many sharp pieces when it breaks. When tempered glass breaks, the pieces have dull edges and are less likely to cause injury. The strength and safety that tempered glass provides is perfect in many different applications.

GlassWorks can meet all of your custom cut tempered glass needs in Chicago, Il and throughout the Chicagoland area.

Tempered Glass Products

How is tempered glass made?

Before we can temper the glass, we cut the glass to the size and shape of the finished piece. Any cutting or grinding to the tempered glass can cause it to fracture. Once the glass is the correct size and shape, it’s heated in a tempering oven. After the heat treatment, the glass goes through a cooling process that lasts only a few seconds. The outer layers of glass cool quicker than the inside, causing tension. This tension gives the tempered glass its strength.

Tempered glass is strong and secure. We can custom make any size or shape of tempered glass for your needs. Contact GlassWorks, your custom glass & mirror company today to get your tempered glass project started.