Chicago Insulated Glass Reglazing

Let GlassWorks professionally and safely remove your failed glass windows and replace them with new warrantied glass.

GlassWorks specializes in projects that may seem too big or too challenging.  High-rise, hard to access and large glass sizes are our specialties!

We have in house project managers to offer shop drawings, in addition, our fabrication capabilities and experienced crews mean GlassWorks can replace your glass or aluminum window system faster than you thought possible.

Call us today – GlassWorks’ project managers are ready to answer your questions regarding our Insulated Glass Reglazing.

GlassWorks can handle any Glass Reglaze or Repair including:

  • Before:
    • Foggy glass due to seal failure
    • Glass broken from baseballs, rocks, landscaper damage
    • Drafty cold to the touch windows
  • After:
    • Clear tempered glass 5x stronger than annealed un-tempered glass
    • 10-year warranty against seal failure
    • 1 year warranty against any of our workmanship
  • Before:
    • Broken or sticky patio doors that are hard to open
    • Damaged or missing screens
  • After:
    • Replacement hardware
    • Track cleaning
    • Re-screening
  • Before:
    • Window replacement due to drafts – poor quality
    • Windows won’t open or close as designed
    • Poor performance
  • After:
    • New window system professionally installed
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